14 Things I Wish I’d Known about Love

2dRW0jnAs we walked out of the school, her face reddened and tears started to flow. “Noah yelled at me,” my six-year-old said of her crush.

“He yelled at you? What happened?”

“He said ‘You’re ruining the whole play!’”

“Why did he say that?”

“I tapped him on the shoulder and he got mad, but I was supposed to be Maya’s baby and that’s what babies do.”

She cried harder. My baby’s heart was broken.

As we drove to the doctor’s office, I tried to impart some wisdom about love and boys and everything that comes with them. The only thing my mom ever told me when I had a broken heart was “There are other fish in the sea.” As a survivor of many heartbreaks, I wanted to be a little more helpful. That, and Valentine’s Day, got me thinking. What do I know now that I wish I knew then? What would have smoothed my path and saved my heart? It’s not all appropriate for a six-year-old – I’ll dole it out as she needs it. But armed with this knowledge, I hope to be the kind of mom who IS helpful in the area of romance, and I hope it’ll save my daughter some heartache. So here are 14 things that I wish I’d known about love. read more