Product Review: Tinkerbell Costume

TinkerbellFrom time to time, I get the opportunity to review products. It’s one of two perks I get as a blogger. (The other one is writing for an audience – yes, you are a perk.) This time I’m reviewing a Tinkerbell costume from Costume Discounters. First of all, my six-and-a-half-year-old daughter LOVED the costume. It came with a dress and detachable fairy wings. At first we couldn’t figure out how to attach the wings — there were no instructions. But using the photo on the package and a little brain power, we figured out that the wings attached to the back of the dress, circling the straps. The costume was sturdy, well-made and authentic. Costume discounters had small and medium sizes and the costume sold for $22.94. I thought it was an excellent value. My daughter is a 6 and the medium fit her perfectly. If your child wants to dress like Tinkerbell, I highly recommend Costume Discounters and the Tinkerbell Costume. If your child likes Tinkerbell, have her check this out. If you’re interested in other Disney costumes, Costume Discounters has a big selection.