“Brave” — the quest for a backpack, a lunch box and a strong Disney princess

imagebot (1)Okay, I’ll admit it. I spent all week chasing a princess. For my daughter. Oh God, it sounds so much worse than it is! Let me tell you the story. My daughter starts kindergarten next month and we’ve been buying school supplies. The school sent me a long, specific list of required items and I’ve been chasing them down ever since.

One of the items is a backpack, so she can carry her creations back and forth to school. She didn’t carry a backpack in preschool. It’s a good add. I’m hoping that between the backpack and the “no toys” rule, come September, my minivan will be a much cleaner place. So we were at the mall and for once, I had money to spend so I didn’t have to say, “We can go into the Disney store, but we can’t buy anything.” Not that my big goal in life is to buy stuff at the Disney store. It is most certainly not, but having money made me generous and I thought “What the hell?” read more