Surviving Easter “Break”

Bad dayHappy Easter and Passover everyone! For me, Easter is the end of Spring Break as I know it. School was scheduled to be closed on Monday, but we finally got the comp time for one of the eight snow days that we had to work. Funny, that’s how I remember comp time working in the business world too.

Thanks to my son’s preschool, spring break was pretty easy for me. His school is also a daycare, so it doesn’t close during school holidays, plus it has a school-age program for my six-year-old daughter. I used to feel guilty about sending her, but I simply cannot provide the level of entertainment that she requires. And her therapist (that’s another story – See Major Meltdowns: From bad to worse) says she needs a lot of structure, so it turns out that sending her was the right thing for her all along. read more

A worm in the apple

apple_wormI’ve had a love-hate relationship with my daughter’s school from the beginning. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s hate-hate. It started last year when she was ready for kindergarten, but the school deemed her too young. They wouldn’t even let her test into school. That pissed me off, but she spent another year in preschool, where she learned more “sight words” than anyone else in her kindergarten class. Just in case you haven’t heard of them, “sight words” are words they want kids to memorize, mostly small words, prepositions, conjunctions and articles.

This year, I signed her up for kindergarten. Finally. But  I had to put her on a wait-list for full-time kindergarten. And pay tuition. For PUBLIC school. Honestly, I thought, if I was paying tuition for public school, why couldn’t they accommodate everybody? Why couldn’t they just form another class? As it turned out, they could, but they needed a quota in order to do it. And they didn’t get it. read more

“Brave” — the quest for a backpack, a lunch box and a strong Disney princess

imagebot (1)Okay, I’ll admit it. I spent all week chasing a princess. For my daughter. Oh God, it sounds so much worse than it is! Let me tell you the story. My daughter starts kindergarten next month and we’ve been buying school supplies. The school sent me a long, specific list of required items and I’ve been chasing them down ever since.

One of the items is a backpack, so she can carry her creations back and forth to school. She didn’t carry a backpack in preschool. It’s a good add. I’m hoping that between the backpack and the “no toys” rule, come September, my minivan will be a much cleaner place. So we were at the mall and for once, I had money to spend so I didn’t have to say, “We can go into the Disney store, but we can’t buy anything.” Not that my big goal in life is to buy stuff at the Disney store. It is most certainly not, but having money made me generous and I thought “What the hell?” read more

Sometimes things just come together

FireworksSometimes things just come together. And thank God they do. Since I had returned from my dad’s last week, I’d been working on his finances, trying to find a way to pay for his 24-hour home care. When I brought him a check for the first week of care, he took one look at the amount and refused to sign it. “This should be covered,” he said. (See “I shall not be charged”) I promised to try to get it covered and by the time I left, I lied and said that I had. read more

I hate school!

Hereditary Insanity has been chosen to compete with the Top 100 Mommy Bloggers by Coupon  Audit. Please take a moment to vote for the blog, that is, if you think it’s worthwhile. If I win, it would be an amazing accomplishment, especially to present to publishers when I’m trying to sell my book. I really appreciate everyone who reads this blog. It blows my mind, actually. Thanks for reading!  Here’s the link. I’m number 75: Top 100 Mommy Bloggers 


I hate school. I hate pencils. I hate books. I hate teachers, dirty looks. My oldest kid hasn’t even started school and I’m already at odds with the system. She should have already started kindergarten, but the school district deems her too young by a couple of months and they wouldn’t even let her test in. (See “Parenting 101: Letting go“) I learned about that last February and I’m still pissed off. read more