Product Review: Tinkerbell Costume

TinkerbellFrom time to time, I get the opportunity to review products. It’s one of two perks I get as a blogger. (The other one is writing for an audience – yes, you are a perk.) This time I’m reviewing a Tinkerbell costume from Costume Discounters. First of all, my six-and-a-half-year-old daughter LOVED the costume. It came with a dress and detachable fairy wings. At first we couldn’t figure out how to attach the wings — there were no instructions. But using the photo on the package and a little brain power, we figured out that the wings attached to the back of the dress, circling the straps. The costume was sturdy, well-made and authentic. Costume discounters had small and medium sizes and the costume sold for $22.94. I thought it was an excellent value. My daughter is a 6 and the medium fit her perfectly. If your child wants to dress like Tinkerbell, I highly recommend Costume Discounters and the Tinkerbell Costume. If your child likes Tinkerbell, have her check this out. If you’re interested in other Disney costumes, Costume Discounters has a big selection.


Product Review: Birthday in a Box

From time to time, I get the opportunity to review products for my readers. I recently got to review Birthday in a Box, an online party-gear superstore. I ordered the Iron Man 3 birthday kit and I received a set of 8 plates, 8 cups, 8 napkins and 8 color-coordinated table settings, all for $7.64 — a great value, I thought. The plates were strong enough for a big slice of birthday cake;  the napkins were very nicely printed; as were the cups and the red place settings were very sturdy.

The site has tons of designs and themes, from generic boy/girl stuff, to licensed products, like Disney and My Little Pony. You can shop by theme, child’s gender, grownup themes, etc. There’s also a line of personalized items — mostly non-party stuff, although it does include banners and thank you cards — priced very reasonably. I highly recommend Birthday in a Box. Good stuff, good value and good selection. The big bonus for me was that it saved me a trip to the party store with a three-year-old screaming “I want this! I want this! I want this!” in tow, and without him bugging me to use his party plates once we got home.

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Product Review: Kidecals

From time to time I get the opportunity to review products to introduce to you. It’s one of the perks I get as author of this blog. Back-to-school’s in full swing, so here’s my latest: 


Kidecals are personalized labels for anything from clothes to backpacks to lunch containers. They’re dishwasher-proof, washer-proof and dryer proof. I got them personalized with my daughter’s name. She’s five and I searched for the right design by age – you can also shop by product, style, use and gender. My daughter LOVED them. She stuck them on all the school supplies I’d bought for her, including her kid scissors. I got the mini set and the package came with 66 colorful labels for $21.

I thought the price point was a little high but there was no shipping charge, the labels were good quality, indestructible and there were so many. What I would like to see from the company is maybe some smaller packages at lower price points so that parents can order labels for multiple kids without breaking the bank. I’d love to see a combo pack where parents could choose different styles with different names. I have a girl and a boy and it would be great to be able to order for both at once. That’s my suggestion. That said, I think that Kidecals are a great product and if you’d like to try them, please visit Right now Kidecals is donating proceeds from certain sales to help victims of the Colorado floods. Yaay Kidecals!