A shot in the arm

ShotMy five-year-old daughter can’t handle anything medical. She won’t even let me look at cuts and scrapes — forget it if she has a splinter! Unimpressed by tales of  Tooth Fairy riches, she’ll wait until her loose teeth, hanging by a thread, fall out on their own. I don’t know why this is, but given her unwillingness to let me even comb her hair, I’ve theorized that she has an unusually low threshold of pain.

At no time is this more apparent as when she needs an immunization. She needed two shots in order to start school this year and what an appointment we had!

“Do I have to get a shot?” she said on the way to the doctor.

“I don’t know,” I stalled, not wanting to alarm her but not wanting to lie, either. Okay, it was a lie. I did know. read more