Getting back on the horse

imagebot (8)When we first got to Maryland, we couldn’t move into our house because we were waiting for our stuff. We stayed with a close friend on her horse farm for a week. Since then, my daughter’s been dying to ride a horse.

My little girl took to the horses right away. Our friend, Elaine, let her come along to feed them, and my daughter couldn’t pet them enough. We couldn’t do a riding lesson while we were there because Elaine didn’t get home until dark, and when she did have time, the weather didn’t cooperate.

We moved out of Elaine’s a month ago and my daughter’s never stopped talking about the horses. So last week I asked Elaine for a riding lesson. We had a scheduling conflict so my daughter had to choose between a trip to her happy place — the American Girl store — and riding. I was shocked when she chose riding. She was psyched. On Saturday morning, we all went to Elaine’s to watch my daughter’s first lesson. read more