Cauliflower Puree — Who knew?

CauliflowerIt came as a complete surprise. We were grilling steaks, I had baked potatoes but I needed a vegetable. The only fresh vegetables I had were baby carrots, celery and onions. I had kale in my freezer but after my daughter complained that I duped her on enchilada day, I didn’t want to chance it.

I sat down in front of my freezer, yanking stuff out of its vegetable drawer. I had a few slices of peppers, two bags of frozen celery, and then I pulled it out. A bag of cauliflower florets, just enough for one night. I grabbed the cauliflower, decided to get rid of the small bag of frozen celery and attempt a quick puree. I’d seen them all over Food Network, but never tried to make one, maybe because I don’t like cauliflower. But it was all I had. How hard could it be? I reasoned, and set out to cook.

I melted some butter in a saucepan, added the rough-chopped celery and cooked it until tender. Then I added the cauliflower, which in hindsight I could have added earlier. I thought it would cook fast. Didn’t really. But anyway, added some minced garlic, lots of salt, a bit of black pepper, put the top on the pan and let everything simmer until the cauliflower was soft. read more