Product Review: Birthday in a Box

From time to time, I get the opportunity to review products for my readers. I recently got to review Birthday in a Box, an online party-gear superstore. I ordered the Iron Man 3 birthday kit and I received a set of 8 plates, 8 cups, 8 napkins and 8 color-coordinated table settings, all for $7.64 — a great value, I thought. The plates were strong enough for a big slice of birthday cake; ┬áthe napkins were very nicely printed; as were the cups and the red place settings were very sturdy.

The site has tons of designs and themes, from generic boy/girl stuff, to licensed products, like Disney and My Little Pony. You can shop by theme, child’s gender, grownup themes, etc. There’s also a line of personalized items — mostly non-party stuff, although it does include banners and thank you cards — priced very reasonably. I highly recommend Birthday in a Box. Good stuff, good value and good selection. The big bonus for me was that it saved me a trip to the party store with a three-year-old screaming “I want this! I want this! I want this!” in tow, and without him bugging me to use his party plates once we got home.

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Birthday Break

Today is my birthday, and we hosted a big party. I spent all day working on the party. I had intended to finish the post I started for today, but failed. I apologize. But I’d really like to share the things that this year brought me with all of you. I’ve mentioned gratitude lists in this space and this is my birthday list for this year. I will post a full entry tomorrow. Thanks for understanding. This year, I’m most grateful:

For this pregnancy. Matt was right. We stopped trying and it happened. Thank you, God and very funny.

For my first birthday call ever from the woman who gave birth to me.

For a great experience at my first real conference and the three chances I’ll get at selling a book this year.

For the strange serendipity of losing my day job, which facilitated the pursuit of my dream job, 16 years late but better than never.

To Matt and Eric for building the fence, so I no longer stress out when Rose plays in the backyard.

And finally, to all the people who read this blog. I’m picking up readers every month and I’m no marketing genius, so that’s all thanks to you. I can’t express how much it means to know you’re out there and you never fail to motivate me. Thanks so much, everyone!