A Bedtime Story


BedOnce upon a time, I thought I knew what I wanted. I wanted to put my kids to bed, tuck them in and go to sleep, serene and satisfied because my little darlings would fall asleep on their own. I wanted it but what I have is nowhere close to it.

For almost a year, we’ve been coddling the kids to sleep. It all started when we moved cross-country and the kids said they were scared at night in their new rooms. Okay, that made sense, so we stayed with them until they fell asleep. Temporarily, we told ourselves. Temporarily my ass. read more

Home Strange Home

BedI hate bedtime. In the old house, the kids took a while to fall asleep but they did sleep early enough to give my husband and me some time alone at night. Not so now. Since our first day in the new house, both kids require one of us to sit with them until they fall asleep. It’s not quality time, either. We just sit there and wait. By the time that’s over, I have to go to bed. I really miss my husband.

Neither kid is comfortable in his/her room yet. Our six-year-old daughter has to keep her light on, despite the hallway light blaring into her room. No exaggeration. You could read by it. She’s the feisty one. She’ll lie down while my husband reads her book, but after that, while he’s sitting with her, presumably so she’ll fall asleep, she’ll open her eyes, sit up, talk, arrange her stuffed animals, ask to brush her doll’s hair, complain that she’s too hot, cold, you name it. Of course we redirect her, but she’s the stubborn one too, so bedtime with her is excruciating. She goes to bed at 8:15 and doesn’t sleep until almost 10. read more