Our life in pictures

cameraAs you ascend our stairs, the photos on the walls tell the story of our family. The photos from long ago (okay, ten years) show my husband and I, thinner, younger and surrounded by friends. They’re pictures of parties and festivals and debauchery – there’s a picture of my husband trying to eat  the “Chest Mix” in my cleavage. Everyone’s always holding up a glass. There are pictures of weddings and christenings – family’s, friends’ and our own. There’s one wedding picture we have to take down because the couple’s divorced. There’s a photo of a friend I lost ten years ago. There are pictures of friends that grew apart. read more

Product Review: Tinkerbell Costume

TinkerbellFrom time to time, I get the opportunity to review products. It’s one of two perks I get as a blogger. (The other one is writing for an audience – yes, you are a perk.) This time I’m reviewing a Tinkerbell costume from Costume Discounters. First of all, my six-and-a-half-year-old daughter LOVED the costume. It came with a dress and detachable fairy wings. At first we couldn’t figure out how to attach the wings — there were no instructions. But using the photo on the package and a little brain power, we figured out that the wings attached to the back of the dress, circling the straps. The costume was sturdy, well-made and authentic. Costume discounters had small and medium sizes and the costume sold for $22.94. I thought it was an excellent value. My daughter is a 6 and the medium fit her perfectly. If your child wants to dress like Tinkerbell, I highly recommend Costume Discounters and the Tinkerbell Costume. If your child likes Tinkerbell, have her check this out. If you’re interested in other Disney costumes, Costume Discounters has a big selection.


Take my advice. Please.

heart of goldOh my God, I think my six-and-a-half-year-old daughter may have LISTENED to something I said. No, seriously! Several weeks ago, she was telling me about this guy on the bus who was in love with her. She said she wasn’t interested in him, though, because she was in love with a boy in her class. I told her to give the guys who like her a chance. “They’ll be good to you,” I said.

Last week she was writing a note and she asked me how to spell “dance.” I spelled it and she told me she was writing a note to the guy on the bus because she couldn’t say what she wanted to say out loud. “What can’t you say?” I asked.

“I’m asking him to go to the dance.” read more

Saying Goodbye

grandmaYiaya Julie was my birth-grandmother. I met her three years ago, when we went to New York and met my birth family. She cried and told me “I wanted to meet you before I die.” The sentiment was funny at the time. But now she’s gone, and I see how lucky we both were for those three years.

I’d never known an old person like Yiaya Julie. The old people in my family were bitter and complained all the time. Yiaya Julie was full of life, always smiling, hugging, and apologizing for her (perfect) English. We spoke to each other in a combination of English and Greek, and she was forever taking me or my kids to her apartment to do or see something special. She showed me pictures of her late husband – my grandfather – and the daughter she lost too soon. She showed my kids her pet parakeet and played games with them.

Since I only knew her for three years, I don’t know that much about Yiaya Julie’s story. I do know that she immigrated to New York from Greece and made a good life for herself. I admire her because I know I could never be that brave. read more

From Bad to Better

FriendsA few weeks back, we were desperate. My daughter’s tantrums had driven us to the brink of insanity. Well, not exactly the brink. We were over the cliff and plummeting to our imminent demise. (See “Major Meltdowns” and Surviving Easter ‘Break’) Well, I can’t say that we’re not insane anymore – that’s a very subjective state. But things have changed dramatically.

We took our daughter to a therapist who’s wonderful. My daughter loves her and gets so excited about her sessions. The first thing the therapist did was to recommend a book, “1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12.” I admit I haven’t finished the book (Because when do I get a chance to read? There’s a DVD too if you don’t have time to read a book either). But the basic premise is this: When your child acts up, you give her two chances to shape up, and if she doesn’t, she goes to her room for a time out. Doesn’t matter what she does in her room as long as she serves her time. read more