Smoke and the mirror

How do we tell the people we love what they don’t want to hear? I have something to tell my birth mother, and I don’t know how. It’s a big deal and I’m scared not to tell her, but if I do, I don’t know if it’ll make a difference.

Fortunately, I’ve got this blog. It’s easy to hide behind, and, for this situation, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

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Wanted: Happy husband

I caught a glimpse of the man I married this week. My husband came home to a toddler tantrum – I had my son freaking out in my arms – and he said, in a positive tone, “What’s wrong, buddy?” My toddler told him. I told him. He took the toddler from my arms and proceeded to work out a solution, all without any evidence of a scowl.  It’s a phenomenon I like to call “Happy Matt.”

“Happy Matt” used to be my husband’s only persona. When I met him, his job wasn’t too demanding; we were childless so we had the freedom to do what we wanted; and we were childless – did I mention that? When he met me for dates, he was happy. When we talked on the phone, he was happy. The only time he wasn’t happy when we were dating was when he called me at 3 a.m, frantic because his apartment was on fire. (I didn’t even hear the phone ring.) Soon after, he moved out of that apartment and into mine, and he was happy.

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Don’t believe the hype

Sports camp sounded fabulous. “Children will play soccer, baseball and basketball,” the flyer said. I couldn’t resist. I enrolled my daughter in two week-long sessions. What a great way for her to pick a sport, I thought.  Camp will expose her to different sports and she’ll see what she likes. Then we can sign her up for one in the fall. read more

Do the math: solve for Z

I bring you a special announcement: Hereditary Insanity got accepted into “Top Mommy Blogs!” In order to stay there and get ranked, I need votes. Please take a moment to click the button at your right. If the button doesn’t show up in your browser (as in mine), please mouse below the voting message, and click when your cursor becomes the little hand. Thank you so much for your support!

In other news, Hereditary Insanity is now available for Kindle by subscription. Why would you subscribe when you get it here for free? Well, for starters, it’s only 99 cents a month, and it goes directly to your Kindle so you won’t miss a post! If you’re not sure, there’s a 14-day free trial. I’m not sure how big of a draw all that is, but we’ll see. Thanks again, everyone, for your support!! And now, back to our regularly-scheduled program. 


“Shut up! Mommy’s trying to sleep!”

“Ma-ma?  A-be-a-be-a-beya!”

“Shut up! Daddy has to get dressed and Mommy’s sleeping in!”

Not anymore. My son continued to babble and my husband continued to bitch as I lay in bed listening to them.

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I am a legitimate businesswoman

I called my dad yesterday. We had the same conversation we always do when we talk about my job.  Even so, I was lucky we talked about my job. Usually he just talks about himself until he’s done, when he says “I’ll be talking to you,” and hangs up.

This time he asked how my family was doing. He asked about the kids. I told him and then he asked, “How’s your writing? Did you write anything lately?” I write in various capacities every day, unless I post the blog on Saturday, then I get Sunday off.

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