25 Things that would never happen in Seattle

thumbs upYou’ve seen those “Only in New York, The Midwest, California” etc. posts, mostly on Facebook. Well, this is my “Never in Seattle” list. All items happened in Maryland and depict actual events and people. I use the term “Seattle” loosely as I lived in the ‘burbs.

Never in Seattle

  1. I conversed with a stranger for longer than 10 seconds.
  2. A cashier caught an error in my bill and went out of her way to fix it, smiling the whole time.
  3. We had an elaborate brunch with Santa for $15 a head AND kids ate free.
  4.  All the morning rain dried up by 11 a.m. WHEN THE SUN CAME OUT!!
  5. I swam in a public pool without the encroachment of Old-World Asian women doing water aerobics.
  6. That same pool did not have a warm spot that mysteriously aligned with an old man doing water aerobics.
  7. My daughter attended public, all-day kindergarten for FREE!
  8. We had five sunny days in a row IN DECEMBER!
  9. Two Walmart employees  loaded a huge heavy gift into my car and I didn’t even have to ask.
  10. No one stepped in front of my car at Walmart. read more

Late post

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted yet this week. We just got into our new house and I’ve been busy unpacking and trying to create a routine for the kids. I will post as soon as I can. Thanks for understanding. — Maria

Home sweet home

houseIt took a lot of doing but we did it. We’re officially East Coasters again. It all started with a house. We wanted to move but didn’t have a firm date, a job, or a plan. Nevertheless, I was cruising the real estate sites (See “My real [estate] obsession”). I insisted that my husband find a job first, until I found my dream house online and had to have it.

My husband had been running into road blocks on his job search because recruiters would see his address and assume he’d want them to cover moving expenses, even though his cover letter clearly stated that he wouldn’t. So he was pushing to move without a new job. I vehemently objected, then I found the house, we reviewed our finances and we had a meeting of the minds. read more

A very close call

imagebot (6)My son slumped over in his chair at the dinner table. “Is he okay? Is he okay?” my husband asked, alarmed.

“He’s just looking around,” I said. He was. Like a turtle, pivoting on his neck, with a sleepy look on his face.

“He’s choking!” my husband said, and sprang into action. He thumped my son’s back. So did I, and my son’s head slumped. I stuck my finger into his mouth and felt teeth.

“OPEN YOUR MOUTH! OPEN YOUR MOUTH!” I said.. Oh my God, this could be it. We could lose him right now! I always thought if someone was choking, their mouth would automatically open but his didn’t. Thankfully, he did open his mouth when I said so and, as I worried my nail was too long and would scratch him,  my finger reached for the back of his throat. I swept it, got some small pieces of sausage, and my son began to perk up and breathe. Breathe. It was the most beautiful breath I’d ever seen him take. read more

Happy Thanksgiving!

imagebot (5)Thanksgiving is my second-favorite holiday, right behind Halloween. Mostly it’s the cooking – I love to cook Thanksgiving dinner — and the eating, of course, but Thanksgiving speaks to my spirit too. I practice gratitude on a daily basis – not just on Facebook in November – and it brings me a lot of peace and perspective.

I’ve got a lot to be thankful for this year. For one thing, we’re moving back home to Maryland. I wanted to write about it sooner (we’re not de-cluttering, we’re packing), but my husband hadn’t yet discussed the move with his boss. But now he has and I can say that the Fishers are coming home!!!

We’ve wanted to come home for a long time. We hate Seattle, for many reasons. I’ve written about it before so I won’t go into it, but if you’ve been reading the blog you’re familiar with our reasons. If not, see “What Matters MostNavigating the Seattle Ice, Becoming a Play Date Player.” read more