Take my advice. Please.

heart of goldOh my God, I think my six-and-a-half-year-old daughter may have LISTENED to something I said. No, seriously! Several weeks ago, she was telling me about this guy on the bus who was in love with her. She said she wasn’t interested in him, though, because she was in love with a boy in her class. I told her to give the guys who like her a chance. “They’ll be good to you,” I said.

Last week she was writing a note and she asked me how to spell “dance.” I spelled it and she told me she was writing a note to the guy on the bus because she couldn’t say what she wanted to say out loud. “What can’t you say?” I asked.

“I’m asking him to go to the dance.”

I was speechless. She’s never taken my advice before. Well, she has, but not without a lot of coaching (or should I say “pleading?”) The day she pulled her stinky dress out of the hamper to wear to school, my husband and I took a good twenty minutes to convince her that you don’t recover from being the stinky kid, even if it only happens once. She did change to a clean dress, but that was a close one.

But this was unprecedented. I told her something, she took it under advisement, and acted on it. Wow.

So she passed the note on to Jayden, the boy on the bus, and he accepted. I hoped his parents would bring him to the dance, for her sake. I didn’t want my daughter to get her heart broken.

The dance was Friday. My daughter wore her finest dress, and planned to wear her Cinderella dress-up shoes. Those stupid plastic break-your-ankle shoes. I told her the dance was outside, she’d break her ankle and no matter how much she wanted it, wearing Cinderella shoes would not make a prince come around the next morning. She wore regular shoes. Score another one for Mom.

When we got to the “dance,” we heard music coming from a DJ in one corner of the tennis courts, saw a pizza tent and ice cream stand, parents sitting along the fence and kids running around on the “dance floor.” Some kids did dance, and during popular songs that number grew, but mostly they just chased each other.

My daughter started out shy and we had to coach her to participate, but once she found a few girlfriends, she chased right along with them, and danced to “Happy” and “Boom Boom Pow.” Jayden did not attend, but my daughter didn’t mind. She had plenty of fun running with her friends, eating ice cream and looking through her new yearbook.

Had Jayden showed up, they wouldn’t have danced together, but they would have played. On our way out, we mentioned that his parents probably had something else to do. I’m just glad my daughter survived her first dance and didn’t get her heart broken. And I’m glad she’s interested in a boy who likes her. I hope she will reap the rewards of choosing guys who welcome her affections. Hopefully it’ll be a lifelong thing.