An End to Insanity

During my blogger sabbatical, I thought a lot about this blog. I thought about whether I wanted it to continue. What I found is that I really enjoyed the freedom of not having to come up with a topic every week.

I also determined that writing books was more fun than working on the blog. But I decided that, since I’m writing a cookbook, I do want to write a blog — this one focused on food. My new blog, “Fisher Foodie Family” will be about raising kids that eat more than the Big Four – chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, pizza and hot dogs. So a new blog is born, at a new address — I hope you enjoyed Hereditary Insanity. I enjoyed writing it. Now it’s time to move on. I hope you’ll follow me to the new blog, where I’ll post food feats and foibles, recipes and tips for introducing foods to your kids. And all of it will be (m0stly) corn-and-artificial dye-free. I want to thank each and every one of you for reading. You kept me going all these years. I couldn’t have done it without you. God bless.